"What is Quantum Shamanism™?
Simply this: through an understanding of quantum energy, we empower ourselves to awaken our shamanic abilities."

- Orlando, 2006

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Into the Rabbit Hole

-Why Are We Here?
-The Journey Begins

Services & Publications

-Quantum Shaman Workshops™
-Sounds of Silence
-Energy Shifts
-Scrawls On the Walls of the Soul
-Diary of a Nagual Woman
Personal Counseling


The Enlightened Crone
Nitty-Gritty Observations of Life's Phantoms & Follies

The View From the Edge of the Abyss
Quantum Shaman's Blog

The Life & Death Dialogues
Conversations With
The Shaman's Double

Contemplating Castaneda

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What's New at Quantum Shaman?

1.  Scrawls on the Walls of the Soul
The new book by Quantum Shaman site author Della Van Hise!


"If you've ever felt like a stranger in a strange land,
this book is your road map to survival in the spiritual wilderness!"

(Michael Grove, Independent Reviewer)

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2.  Quantum Shaman Discussion Group on Facebook

A discussion group for sorcerers, warriors & seekers,
hosted by site-author Della Van Hise

Quantum Shaman

You are invited to share in an awe-inspiring journey into the Infinite - a quest for Knowledge that began with a single question - Who Are You? - and led down the rabbit hole to the liberating personal discovery and ongoing creation of Quantum Shamanism™.

Our site is presented in three major sections - Quantum Shaman™ (the awakening of awareness, the journey to Freedom)... The Enlightened Crone (nitty gritty observations of life's phantoms & follies from the perspective of an enlightened crone)... and The Life & Death Dialogues (a journey into the place of silent knowing with the shaman's double.)  Throughout this site, you will also find discussions to the works of Carlos Castaneda, some of which is discussed in Contemplating Castaneda.

Our goal here is not to tell you what to think or teach you what to believe. Instead, it is our desire to simply share our journey with others on a parallel path.  If it brings you some validation or inspiration, drop us an email or stop by our Facebook Page to engage in conversations with other warriors, sorcerers and awakened beings.  If you're feeling stuck in the drama of the consensual reality, please consider some of our individual workshops or other counseling services.

No matter how you choose to use our site, always remember...

"You are the quantum shaman who must unravel the conundrums of creation and whisper their secrets to me in dreams so that I may then find a way of telling you what these things mean, see?"
-Orlando (March, 1998)



Services & Workshops

Quantum Shaman Workshops
Work at your own pace in your own space. Evolutionary workshops for the solitary warrior!

~Creating the Double ~ Stopping the Internal Dialogue ~ Dreaming with Intent ~ The Art of Gnosis (Silent Knowing) ~ Undoing our Programs


Shifting the Assemblage Point, Healing the Spirit
All wellness begins with how we assemble our world.

 Lose addictions, overcome fear, experience Silent knowing, abolish dis-ease.


When you Apprentice to the Infinite, you are not an apprentice to me, but to your own Infinite Self.


Sounds of Silence

A new service for those wishing to truly make contact with the higher self!  Weekly communications & insights from the shaman's double!

The Infinite Journey
Where the Quantum Shaman Falls
Into the Rabbit Hole







Personal Workshops
Work at your own pace
in your own space

The long-awaited workshop that puts you in contact with your higher self!
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Della's Journal

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Quantum Shaman Discussion Group on Facebook

The Sorcerer's World
A forum hosted by Della Van Hise & Quantum Shaman

A communion with Spirit
through the written word




The New Book by site-author
 Della Van Hise

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