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Quantum Shaman Workshops

eries of evolutionary workshops designed for the solitary warrior. Work at your own pace in your own space. *Creating the Double * Stopping the Internal Dialogue * Dreaming with Intent * The Art of Silent Knowing *

Sounds of Silence - New!
A new service for those wishing to truly make contact with the higher self!  Weekly communications & insights from the shaman's double!

 Apprentice to the Infinite
When you Apprentice to the Infinite, you are not an apprentice to me, but to yourself.  This is the path of heart, where the warrior accepts responsibility for his or her own evolution into the Infinite.

Shifting the Assemblage Point, Healing the Spirit
Experience an energy shift to heal mind/body/spirit.  A profoundly unique service to help you manifest renewed Wellness through a realignment of the assemblage point. Lose addictions, overcome fear, experience Silent Knowing. All healing begins with mind/spirit.

Diary of a Nagual Woman
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"What I learned from Della changed my life. I had been trapped in belief systems and programs since I was a little girl.  Learning to see past those illusions taught me to see myself more clearly & gave me the confidence & personal power I had always been lacking before."
(Lacy Bannister)

"The workshop on stopping the internal dialogue shocked me! All my life I'd felt like I couldn't get the noise out of my head.  After doing the exercises in the workshop, my focus is tremendous and I have been getting a lot closer to my own higher awareness as a result.  Thank you!"
(A. L. Mancuso)

"Before I met Della, I used to think my psychic gifts were evil or from the dark side, and so I was trying to deny that part of myself so much that I often thought I was going crazy.  But Della helped me to see that these abilities are truly a blessing, a natural and wonderful part of my own spiritual evolution." 
(Bill Hawthorne)

"What Della & Orlando taught me about Dreaming, and becoming Whole is indescribable, and truly priceless.  I'm convinced it saved my sanity.  I wish I had done this 5 years sooner!"
(Bill Gonzalez)

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What is Silent Knowing?

Silent knowing was known to the ancients as gnosis.  It was believed by many ancient cultures that such knowledge was reserved to the local shamans or priests, but the reality is that silent knowing is available to anyone who diligently seeks it.

Della Van Hise has been practicing the art of silent knowing in one way or another since early childhood, and devoted her life entirely to the path in the year 1994.  Since then, she has written volumes on the subject of Quantum Shamanism™, metaphysics, quantum consciousness, and the path of the modern day shaman.  Her first book, Quantum Shaman: Diary of a Nagual Woman, has been compared to the works of Carlos Castaneda and Don Miguel Ruiz.

For those who have been fortunate enough to participate in some of her workshops or online forums, there is no doubt that she possesses a genuine and clear insight into the mind and spirit of the sentient universe.  She tells us that this is not a gift, but instead the result of working with her own higher self, Orlando

"Anyone who possesses relentless Intent can master the art of silent knowing.  What I am offering through this service is a clear channel for those who are still in the process of leaning and exploring their own unique path."  (Della Van Hise - 2011)


How Does It Work?

Sounds of Silence is a unique service which empowers you to Make Contact With Your Higher Self through Della's powerful connection with Orlando, and with the infinite.  This is a weekly service which may be taken for as little as a month or as long as six months.  During that time, you will receive a weekly email gleaned from silent knowing, giving you knowledge and information which you will undoubtedly find pertinent to your day to day life, as well as to your spiritual growth and evolution.

This is not any sort of traditional psychic reading, but a connection to your own higher self.  In tribal cultures, it is not uncommon for shamans and seers to communicate with  "the other side" on behalf of other tribe members, and in our modern world, it is recognized that we are all members of the same tribe - the human tribe.  At that level, we are all interconnected, and it is through those connections that silent knowing works among all peoples, just as it is through the connection to Spirit that silent knowing works as a direct download from the infinite, sentient universe, giving rise to the idea that "We are children scrying the mind of the gods."

All that is required is an open mind and an open heart.  You do not need to ask questions, though you are encouraged to do so if there is specific information you are seeking.  You do not have to have faith.  You do not need to believe anything.  The art of silent knowing brings you face to face with your authentic self.


What Can I Hope to Gain?

Ultimately, you will gain from these weekly communications a map of sorts - directly from the higher self and the sentient Infinite.  Some clients who have taken this service privately (before it was ever offered on the website) have reported that the knowledge and information they gained helped them to break through programs and belief systems that were holding them in stasis.  Others have said that the silent knowings helped them with difficult family or work situations, giving them insights into the workings of the human heart and the machinations of the human mind. 

The greatest thing you stand to gain is your own direct connection to silent knowing.  It has been said that silent knowing is an art - similar to martial arts in many ways.  The more you practice, the better you become.  And while Della's weekly communications will be clear and concise, they will also be designed to challenge you to delve deeper into the message and the meaning through your own meditations and contemplations.  In this manner, the communications you receive are not just passive words, they are actually like seeds of wisdom and inspiration - planted by Della, nurtured by you. 

It has also been observed by several clients that these weekly gnosis sessions stimulate their Dreaming and may lead to better focus and concentration, both in ordinary life as well as in one's own spiritual evolution.  It is not known precisely how this works... but it has been reported by several clients over the years, and so it is clear that it does work.


What Should I Expect?

Once you've signed up for this unique and evolutionary service, you can expect to receive one email per week for the duration of your subscription.  Most emails will be approximately a page in length, and always personal to you.  If you want to ask a specific question prior to your weekly communication, simply email Della in advance. 

Below are two samples of silent knowing sessions done for other clients, which should give a clear example of what might be expected.  Both are slightly abridged.

Sample #1:  Healing As Energy

Of what is reality comprised?  Of what are the stars made?  Of what is your body woven?  Humans think in terms of matter and energy as being different, but at the core level, all things are comprised of energy.  That which has manifested as matter might be defined as energy-in-use.  That which remains unmanifest is raw energy, or energy-in-waiting.  Why does this matter? you may ask.  Largely because the key to healing is rooted in the absolute awareness that the energy of which you yourself are comprised is always in motion.  Your body renews itself regularly.  You are not the same person you were a year ago, and that person was not the same as he was the year before.  I mean this quite literally, and once you fully grasp it, you have within yourself the ability to heal virtually any ailment through the art of willful transmutation - the Intentional movement of energy into matter and matter into energy.  While this may sound like some super-power to be attributed to some hero from a comic book, I assure you it is the most natural thing in all the worlds, and the only thing keeping most humans from fulfilling that potential is the belief that it isn't possible.  Once you learn to move beyond the beliefs that hold you in stasis, literally all things become possible.  All.  Things. 

In contemplating the core nature of energy and matter (which are, as I said, one in the same), it is important to also understand that you are the creator of your reality - through the manipulation of and manifestation of energy.  Matter is simply a byproduct of creation, and so it is always changing, always in motion... and therein rests the key to understanding the nature of healing.  It is the nature of matter to "deteriorate", or in the case of the human body, it is the nature of matter to "age".  And while this aging may be believed to be inevitable due to the very nature of the universe itself, healing is such that it slows the advances of age and extends this phase of the life cycle to a potentially much greater length.

Finally, never forget that everything begins with a thought.  Believe you will fail, and you will fail.  Believe you will succeed, and you have already created a new reality, a new self, the foundation for the next thought, into the infinite.  Be well.

Sample #2:  Allowing the Impossible

Reality is determined by what one can allow through the lens of perception.  Much of what you experience is a direct result of what might be called 'the matrix' or the 'consensual reality', but you have undoubtedly noticed that certain things may happen that do not easily align with what is considered 'acceptable parameters of reality'.  It is these manifestations of The Impossible that begin to expand one's perception and, ultimately, expand one's reality.  Keep in mind that only a few hundred years ago, many things you take for granted today were considered impossible: electricity, space travel, automobiles, computers.  Granted, these are things of technology, but before they could exist, some ONE had to allow for the impossible.  Some ONE had to have a vision that went beyond the current paradigm of his or her consensus.

This is crucial for warriors to acknowledge on a conscious level, because one of the most detrimental habits a warrior can practice is that of passively accepting the reality with which you are presented.  In order to assemble other worlds, for example, one must allow for the possibility that these other worlds already exist... or allow for the possibility that they can be created or summoned into being through the warrior's Will.

Think on something that you yourself would consider to be impossible - not some random something, but something that would be important to you if it could/would exist.  This could be something technological, of course, but preferably it would be something closer to your heart.  What do you want from life that you have previously considered impossible?  Why is it impossible?  What would have to occur to make it actually exist?  Whether a state of being within yourself or a meeting with some  historical figure such as Buddha or Jung or Goethe...?  Impossible! the mind protests.  They are dead!  Or are they?  Is it POSSIBLE that even what you think of as "death" is just another part of the illusion, a part of the current paradigm?  How might it be possible to sit down with Buddha or Jung or Goethe?  It isn't important to do so, as much as it is important to allow for the possibility, to give your mind/body/spirit permission to think outside the box, to dream beyond the existing consensus, to shatter the current paradigms.

When you can allow the impossible, you will begin to experience the totality of yourself.

One client said...

"The gnosis sessions are probably the best thing that ever happened to me, because I was eyeball-deep in the mire of chaos and belief systems I didn't even know I had.   Hearing what I needed to hear hurt sometimes and was pure pleasure other times.  I'd recommend it to anybody, but especially to those who think they don't need it."  (JMK)


How Do I Get Started?

We accept PayPal or you can pay with your credit card through our offices if you prefer.  After payment is received, you will receive an email from Della essentially asking the nature of your Intent for your silent knowing sessions.  If you have any questions, please email us.

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"We exist in a bubble of awareness which hangs suspended in the sentient universe.
The shaman's trick is learning to hear what lies beyond the bubble."
Della Van Hise - 2010




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Quantum Shaman Workshops
Work at your own pace in your own space. Evolutionary workshops for the solitary warrior!

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Shifting the Assemblage Point, Healing the Spirit
All wellness begins with how we assemble our world.

 Lose addictions, overcome fear, experience Silent knowing, abolish dis-ease.


When you Apprentice to the Infinite, you are not an apprentice to me, but to your own Infinite Self.


Sounds of Silence

A new service for those wishing to truly make contact with the higher self!  Weekly communications & insights from the shaman's double!

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