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Issue #2: February, 2012

Greetings and Blessings!

As we move closer to spring, I wonder where the time has gone!  Already the days are getting longer and the Joshua trees have graced us with their heavy blossoms!  The Cooper's Hawk who lives in my yard sits atop a young sapling that was devoid of leaves only a few days ago, but which is now starting to bud.   I contemplate the idea of time and find myself laughing - Knowing intuitively that time is the ultimate illusion, yet humbly acknowledging that being beyond that illusion is perhaps the greatest task a warrior-seeker ever faces.

And so it is a season for moving forward on the path and in our lives.  For me, it is a time of challenge, and a renewal of my commitment to the journey.  In my experience, renewal is often a matter of silent knowing, and so that is where my efforts will be focused, and will also be the theme for this month's issue of Infinite Possibilities.

Thank you for being here with me on the road.

Thought for the Month

You have to be immortal
before you can know how to become immortal.

Over the years, I've been asked many times what this riddle means, and my reply has often been... "It's something we each have to figure out for ourselves." And while that is still true, I would like to add that it is also a road map from the higher self.  What does it mean?  Simply this:  we have to create our Other (the shaman's double) and then look out through his eyes in Dreaming and through silent knowing, before we can truly know how to go about the process of creating the Other in the first place.  It is something of a moebius loop or a Celtic knot - no beginning and no end.

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Establishing a permanent link to the Higher Self through the art of silent knowing is perhaps the greatest thing a warrior can accomplish, for it is through that link that the warrior finds herself having a one-on-one conversation with the Infinite.  Call it god or goddess, call it the shaman's double... however you see it, it is through silent knowing that we ask questions of that vast sentience which is the universe, the All, and simply the Self.  If we are wise, we learn  to listen to the answers which come back to us.  That is the art of silent knowing, the garden of gnosis.

Gnosis is the art of hearing the flame
Seeing the voice of the crow
Listening to the silent wisdom
of the sentient Infinite.

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What is Silent Knowing?
(Some thoughts on gnosis from over the years)
     by Della Van Hise

What many people call "god" or "spirit" is what I refer to on my website as "the non-local web of all Knowledge". And yes, it does have definite qualities - meaning it is quantifiable and can be measured, but Man is, of course, limited by the tools he possesses, which can only measure what they are designed to measure.  So, trying to scry the mind of god (as some quantum physicists have put it) is never an easy task, because how does one really know the difference between the voice of the infinite and one's own internal dialog?

Obviously, that's the first step most seekers must take - the task of stopping the internal dialog which rattles on about chores and grocery lists and how it would like to visit Peru or have dinner with Tom Cruise.

Beyond the internal dialog, when the mind is finally still, is where we begin to encounter the voice of the infinite.  Whether we think of it as the voice of the higher self or the double or the dreaming body or energy body makes little difference.  It is simply the intersect point between the human self and the infinite self.

Some scientists have described "the non-local web of all information) as a vast electromagnetic structure that spans all of the space-time continuum - the same type of EM energy that comprises the synapses of the brain and, seemingly, the same construct as consciousness itself (which is a form of electromagnetic energy, by present thinking).

Orlando  he has referred to this vast ocean as "the land of the sentient dead" - meaning a vast sea of awareness comprised of the collective consciousness of all beings who completed their humanform evolution, and who successfully slipped past the eagle. (A simplified explanation)

The vast ocean is sentient, both collectively as a whole unit, and (most importantly) also individually - meaning that each component of energy has its own identity and, through will, can manifest individually if so desired or needed. In an experience over the summer of 2003, I was successful in conjoining my consciousness to this vast sea for a period of time during meditation, and what I discovered was that "I" was existing as an awareness but without a point of view - no real personal identity.

It was only the force of will that would allow an individual within the sea to experience individual awareness, which is, of course, what we strive for - to reach the authentic self, to inhabit the totality of one's infinite identity.  Put simply, we strive to answer and inhabit the answer to the first question:  "Who are you?"  Put another way - I had to call myself into being from the Nothing, even though there was no "I" to call upon.  And this, too, is the nature of the warrior's journey - bringing herself into existence simply so that she may exist. 

Whenever I have experienced this dark sea of awareness directly through shamanic journeying, I've actually observed it as a grid of sorts, comprised entirely of energy, having a green or blue-green glow. It surrounds and permeates everything - rather like "the force" of STAR WARS. 

When not actually *seeing* it, it is experienced through consciousness as a vast sea of sentience. As warriors, we are very capable of interacting with this sentience, and it is in doing so that incredible quantum leaps are possible - literally a communion of gnosis with the mind of "god", all Knowledge. We can only assimilate and process small amounts of it, of course, usually in response to direct personal questions or concerns, but literally anything we want to know can be discerned. I once used it to repair a cranky cash register, but that's another tale for another day. 

There's a lot more that could be said about this, for it's actually the crux of the warrior's journey. It's where we're headed, but there are no guarantees. I personally do not think the process of conjoining to this "sea" is  automatic nor guaranteed... thus the need for the warrior's journey.  The journey itself is what Aleister Crowley called "the great work", what don Juan called "the path with heart."   And it is through the journey that we make contact with the higher self, and in doing so, embrace our totality.

Regarding this sentient universe, it is you, or more precisely, you are "it".  If I understand what it is, as it has tried to "explain" itself to me in visions and meditations, it is the "gel" consciousness of every evolved* being who ever lived or who ever WILL live. *(Not all beings evolve because not all choose to.  We are born with a spirit, but what we do with it is entirely up to us.  That is the nature of free will.  Those who do not choose to evolve seemingly return to a state of discorporate energy – i.e., consciousness as an individual identity is entirely reabsorbed into the energetic structure of the universe to be used again.)

Because the dark sea of awareness is outside of the time/space continuum, it encompasses all of the past and all of the future (to our linear-bound time-conscious minds).  You are obviously destined to be part of that consciousness if/when you complete your evolution and fly free beyond the eagle.  So there is most definitely a part of you in the sentient universe, too - because once consciousness becomes ubiquitous, it inhabits all of space/time and all of matter/energy simultaneously and infinitely, just as the electromagnetic fields which precisely match the patterning of consciousness are ubiquitous throughout time and space.

From what I've experienced, some of the presences within that vast sea can and do choose to manifest and maintain an individuality - rather like an ally-consciousness.  Others tend to blend, zen-like, into the whole big shebang.  The will of the individual consciousness seems to be what makes that determination.

Silent knowing is the dialog between yourself and the living universe.  Speak clearly... and listen with reverence.

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From the Heart
of Silent Knowing

The Voice of the Higher Self

All of us possess  the ability to have a wondrous dialog with our own double, or higher self, or dreaming body.  Whatever you choose to call it, it is the infinite Self reaching out to embrace the warrior as she moves along her path toward freedom, evolution and enlightenment. In each issue of Infinite Possibilities, I will post one of the messages my higher self has chosen to share, and which I am honored to share with you.

A teacher is a necessary thing, but first one must decide what defines a teacher.  Is it a human being who stands before you with lessons or things to be memorized?  Or is it a drop of water falling onto the surface of a still pond and the ripples that flow outward?

Most often, it seems that those who are ready begin to engage with the teacher within – whether it is the double, or only the voice of the mortal self at first, asking questions of the spirit which only the spirit can answer.  To others, perhaps an external teacher is required in the beginning – someone to teach the apprentice how to hear her own voices, how to see with the inner eye, how to listen with the heart, how to speak to the spirit and be heard by the double. Learning these things may take a year, a decade, or a lifetime.

To some, the lessons are never finished, and so they remain at the level of apprentice forever.  To others, once the techniques are learned, it becomes a compulsion to seek the inner silence, listening only to the inner teacher.  That is when the student has become the master.  When that occurs, in many cases, whether it is desired or not, the student also becomes the new teacher.  Such is the progression of the Infinite.

Orlando - 2001


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Della Van Hise
February 14, 2012




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